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Dambulla; a day in ancient divine.

5 minute read -A short story about a visit to the Dambulla cave monastery in Sri Lanka. An ancient place of worship, on the special day of full-moon. Sri Lankan relish The sweet taste of hoppers -a thin, soft milky-pancake kind of food- along with the tropical flavors of coconut roti, savory fried lentils and […]

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Six Amazing Things To Do In Trincomalee

Six Amazing Things To Do In Trincomalee Trincomalee, an idyllic beach paradise at the northeast coast of Sri Lanka is upcoming as a tourist destination. And the place to be to see some unspoiled local life as well as some of Sri Lanka’s best beaches. Although it might be tempting to only relax on the […]

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Namaste India!

It’s finally happening! I took the decision to travel to India! I had a lot of second thoughts about this country as I’ve heard lots of stories concerning the safety of woman. But when I read about Leh and the great Himalaya’s, and when I realized it’s a now or never story -at least for […]

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Pashupatinatih, Kathmandu

Finally! After two weeks of continuous translating, the volunteer packages are translated and we take a day off. Last night we’d been working till 2:00 am to get everything ready and send it by email. This morning I sleep until late morning, get up, have breakfast, meet the American boys who just came back from […]

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Nepal! Kathmandu

Wow! After a long and comfortable night I wake up in Kathmandu and catch up with my stories. After finishing yesterday’s story I go upstairs to see if Christina is still here. And she is. I took a short but refreshing shower, got some small laundry done and went upstairs for some breakfast and more […]

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