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Culture and Adventure in Iranian Kurdistan

Culture and Adventure in Iranian Kurdistan. A story about life; it’s unbearable, it’s wonderful, it’s unique taste and kindness from a travelers perspective.  10 minute read. Horrible nights The night was long, endless almost. Man, was I mistaken when yesterday I thought we would sleep in paradise. Surrounded by a one-hectare garden filled with pomegranate […]

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Best things to do in Sri Lanka – 12X Top Experiences

Given the small size of the teardrop-shaped country, Sri Lanka has lots of diversity. And a large number of unique experiences to offer! Having traveled and written about the country extensively, it’s finally time to make a round-up with this list of Twelve best things to do in Sri Lanka. Make sure to tick off at least a couple of these experiences to make the most of your Sri Lanka journey!...

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8X Top Experiences in Ella Sri Lanka

Eight Top Experiences in Ella -Arriving by train from Nuwara-Eliya to Ella, I immediately loved the small, cozy, backpackers ambiance when entering the city. Combine endless green jungle, tropical mountains and plenty of exciting activities around, and you’re likely to end up longer than planned for! Packed with cozy guesthouses and numerous restaurants serving delectable […]

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Food in Sri Lanka; 12x Eat in Sri Lanka

Food in Sri Lanka; 12x Eat in Sri Lanka- Sri Lanka is one of those countries where taste is part of the unique traveler’s experience. Offering a mix of several Asian and authentic tastes, travelers are certain to find their selves a treat for their taste buds. An abundance of spices, fresh veggies and coconut […]

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Bus in Sri Lanka; 11 Tips to survive your journey comfortably

With public buses offering low-cost and frequent transport throughout the island, most travelers are likely to encounter bus rides at least once during their travel. That being said; traveling by bus in Sri Lanka is a quite unique experience on itself. From jam-packed, shoulder-to-shoulder, hot, sweaty rides to ever blasting music through large speakers, endless […]

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