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Kashan; one Jam-packed sightseeing adventure

Kashan; One Jam-Packed Sightseeing Adventure. A story about everyday travel struggles, new friends on the road and a day full of history, architecture and beauty in Kashan.  11-12-2017, 10 minute read. Taxi troubles Traveling like a local doesn’t always come easy. Living in the suburbs of cities is a great way to observe local life, […]

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Culture and Adventure in Iranian Kurdistan

Culture and Adventure in Iranian Kurdistan. A story about life; it’s unbearable, it’s wonderful, it’s unique taste and kindness from a travellers perspective.  01-06-2018, 10 minute read. Horrible nights The night was long, endless almost. Man, was I mistaken when yesterday I thought we would sleep in paradise. Surrounded by a one-hectare garden filled with […]

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Harandeh, A beautiful escape

05-05-2018 It’s been a while since my last story. But today it’s finally time to start writing again! For the first time in our short history, Amir and I are going on a mini-trip together. It will be our first solo-together adventure and I’m super exited to go! It took us days to choose a […]

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Namaste India!

It’s finally happening! I took the decision to travel to India! I had a lot of second thoughts about this country as I’ve heard lots of stories concerning the safety of woman. But when I read about Leh and the great Himalaya’s, and when I realized it’s a now or never story -at least for […]

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Welcome to Iran :)!

Oh yeah! It’s finally about to happen! After quite a rough night today I finally fly to Iran! Instead of my alarm-clock, friendly airport staff wakes me up and asks me to show my ticket. He kindly tells me the flight to Tehran takes of from gate one. Thank you sir! It’s still early and […]

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Pashupatinatih, Kathmandu

Finally! After two weeks of continuous translating, the volunteer packages are translated and we take a day off. Last night we’d been working till 2:00 am to get everything ready and send it by email. This morning I sleep until late morning, get up, have breakfast, meet the American boys who just came back from […]

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Nepal! Kathmandu

Wow! After a long and comfortable night I wake up in Kathmandu and catch up with my stories. After finishing yesterday’s story I go upstairs to see if Christina is still here. And she is. I took a short but refreshing shower, got some small laundry done and went upstairs for some breakfast and more […]

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