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Last things first! Moving stuff and Party

Moving my stuff and throwing a party Another thing well planned! My brothers where so kind to help me move my stuff from my place to my mom’s place. Only problem was that they were on a holiday the first two weeks. We had to move on the 8th of October, and this was also […]

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Last things first! Visa

All right! Several months have passed since I finally made the decision to go on a world trip. Lots of preparations have been done. For inspiration and ideas about how to prepare a world trip check this page; Part I and Part II. Yet it’s incredible how many last-things preparations still had to be made […]

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Backpack Essentials Part I

Packing your backpack can be quite challenging. Here is the first part of the list of things that I consider to be most important to bring on your long-term backpack adventure 🙂 1. Proper backpack Go to an outdoor store and try different types of backpacks. Make sure you carry the weight on your hips. […]

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How to plan and prepare a world trip part II

In part I of this blog I wrote about the first considerations when it comes to planning and preparing a world trip. Read this part on this page. Getting the right gear Once you’ve figured out where you want to go you can start thinking about what to pack. I’ve done a lot of research […]

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How to plan and prepare a world trip part I

Okay, so you’re thinking about going on a world trip or you’ve made the decision to do so. Where to start planning and preparing?! There are lots of things to consider. In this post (and Part II) I’ll write to you about the things I’ve came across planning my world trip; When will you go? […]

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