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Wine and Canvas in UB

The first part of the day was all about sleeping. Literally! I got out of bed around 12:30pm! Wow, was I surprised. Apparently I needed a good sleep :)! After waking up I started to write my stories from the past weeks. Man, am I behind schedule! I think I can write for days in […]

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Road trippin’ part IV

After a cold night spend at the Flaming Cliffs we continued our way to the Ongi Khiid Monastery ruins, located at the Saikan Ovoo Soum mountain slope, in the Middle Gobi province. The ruins once were a big Buddhist monastery compound, housing over a thousand Buddhists monks. Unfortunately, this monastery, together with around 700 monasteries […]

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Road Trippin’ part III

After the warmest night I ever experienced (in a Mongolian Yurt of all places!) we got op quite early to continue our way to the sand dunes of Khongoriin Els. Around 09:00 am we left the Yollin Am area and by the time of 13:00 we arrived at the dunes. We first checked- in at […]

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Road Trippin’ part II

Tsagaan Suvraga and Yolyn Am Today we continued our trip to Tsagaan Suvraga, also known as ‘the white stupa’. We started around 08:10 am and by the time of 10:15 we got OFF ROAD for the first time. Super nice! We drove another 1,5 hours and reached the beautiful unique landscape of Tsagaan Suvraga. With […]

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Road Trippin’ part I

Today the great Mongolian adventure begins! We get up around 09:00 and make our way to the Zaya guesthouse where we meet Peter and Felix who are joining us on our trip. The plan is to rent a car plus driver and go on our own tour instead of an organized tour. This saves a […]

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Welcome to Mongolia!

Welcome to Mongolia! After a broken night with a little sleep (just like yesterday, when sleep finally kicks in you need to wake up again) the light switch on and a speaker voice tells us were about to descend. I look outside the window and it’s super dark outside! The only thing I see is […]

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Moscow baby!

‘Waking up early after a short night in Moscow. Hmm.. not the best thing! I can hear rain outside which does not encourage me to get out of bed. Checking the weather forecast I see that it will be dry after 10 am. This is okay. I close my eyes for another few minutes and […]

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